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Oxford English Online

Oxford English Online is a two-sided Learning Management System that allows to create and deliver content, monitor student participation, and assess student performance. The platform has 145,000 users and hosts 25 digitized courses with over 20 interactive exercise formats.




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    Interactive exercises

    A set of over 20+ interactive exercise formats facilitate learning experience with the use of the course book.

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    Individualized learning

    The adaptive learning module and language skills grading system provides truly individual learning experience.

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    Advanced gradebook

    Clear reports in the gradebook allow teachers to identify weaker students and assign additional tasks to them directly from the gradebook.

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    Adaptive learning

    The unique adaptive learning module allows students to interact with the content tailored to their skills and progress through grammar points in their own pace.

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    Oxford English Online courses are being continuously adapted to be displayed on mobile devices. Over 15% of users use the platform via tablet or smartphone.

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    Custom grading

    The grades can be overwritten or customized in order to adjust to every teacher’s needs.

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    Messaging system

    The messenger enables communication with groups of students without the need to leave the Oxford English Online platform.

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    Exercise reports

    Exercise reports clearly display students’ needs and allow for assessment customization.

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    Automatic assessment

    The majority of exercises is assessed automatically to save teachers’ time and resources.

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