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Courseo is a light-weight social Learning Management System that offers a simple and intuitive way for any subject matter expert to manage their courses and engage their learners. It combines robust tools like file management, discussion forums and messaging as well as event scheduling. Its social networking features enable learners to communicate and share their knowledge and experiences with their peers and tutors on a daily basis.




  • icon_courseo_files

    File management

    Upload your course curriculum or recommend educational materials from an online library of your choice. Manage and share all sorts of multimedia files to engage course participants with enriching content.

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    Messaging system

    Send private messages to communicate important news or confidential information.

  • icon_courseo_notification

    Notification system

    Always be up to date with what is going on in your course. Track new events, discussions and forum interactions.

  • icon_courseo_forum

    Discussion forum

    Share your knowledge by engaging in meaningful conversations with your peers and subject matter experts. Start your own topics or contribute to the existing ones.

  • icon_courseo_planing

    Event planning

    Schedule and keep track of both online and offline events.

  • icon_courseo_group

    Group management

    Customize your sharing preferences to make sure your content reaches relevant people.

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