This eLearning delivery and authoring platform leverages the versatility and variety of features of HTML5 to deliver a fully mobile experience to the learner.

Interactive Course Kit

Interactive Course Kit is an online application for delivering interactive elearning solutions that optimize knowledge acquisition of text-based elearning modules. It employs a wide range of interactive formats and media to engage the learner with otherwise static content. The software generates cross-platform adaptive content, ready to be used on smartphones, tablets and desktop devices as a standalone application, LMS module or part of a larger offering. The solution enables easy ebook production, catering for the educational needs of a corporate or institutional clients looking for a fully-fledged elearning experience.




  • iwb_icon_exercise

    Interactive exercises

    A number of different activity formats optimizes the learning process and engage users.

  • iwb_icon_media


    Video and audio materials work to the advantage of knowledge acquisition for otherwise text based e-learning modules.

  • iwb_icon_assessment


    The assessment module allows users to complete a course by checking and proving their knowledge as well as to obtain certification.

  • iwb_icon_self_study

    Self study

    Interactive exercise formats, case studies, infographics and animations, and clear progress indicators enable users to take control over their learning.

  • iwb_icon_feedback

    Different types of feedback

    Custom feedback given to each exercise answer provide clear instructions and significantly improves the understanding of the course content.

  • iwb_icon_responsive

    Responsive web design

    All of the course content will automatically and seamlessly adapt to any learner’s device.

  • iwb_icon_export

    Exportable to multiple standards and devices

    The software is created in HTML5 technology, and SCORM and Tin Can compliant. Therefore, it can be used on smartphones, tablets and desktop devices as a standalone application, an e-book, an LMS module or a part of a larger offering.

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    Flash free

    Avoiding flash guarantees that the software will be fully cross-device and supported by tablets and smartphones regardless of their operating system.

  • iwb_icon_ux

    User experience centric

    The intuitive navigation panel, clear progress tracking, color coding, user-friendly text layout and many more ensure that the users’ experience with the software is both meaningful and enjoyable.

Instructional Designer’s Assistance

Should you need assistance with transforming your content into a fully-fledged, interactive eLearning solution, the course content will be revised by our instructional designers trained in didactics and educational technology.


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